By Johanne Bissonnette

Univalor recently obtained financial support from the Quebec government and AmorChem to support the research of Dr. Pascal Chartrand, from the Université de Montréal. This work aims to develop a treatment against type I myotonic dystrophy, a rare genetic disease against which there is no treatment. On the occasion of International Rare Disease Day, which will be held on February 28 with the theme “Join Together for Better Care,” Vector considers the challenges of developing drugs to treat rare diseases and the difficulties facing the people affected by these conditions. Related articles will follow in the next issue of the Univalor newsletter.


Posted on Pehub Canada November 8, 2013 by Kirk Falconer

When it comes to funding innovation, Québec has been long recognized as a wellspring of good ideas.

So it may come as no surprise that Québec’s leading commercialization hubs, MSBiV, SOVAR, Univalor and Valeo, have recently advanced some new strategies for leveraging the market potential of home-grown R&D and technological change.