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Growing graphene by CVD in less than 1 minute


Growing graphene by CVD in less than 1 minute



Graphene is attracting more and more attention in a number of fields thanks to its incredible electrical and mechanical properties. One of the obstacles hindering the broad adoption of graphene for commercial applications is the high cost and/or low scalability associated with most fabrication methods, especially in the case of large-area uniform graphene sheets. The invention is an improvement to standard chemical vapor deposition (CVD) procedures that allows, by tightly controlling the level of the different gases in the reactor, growing a complete layer in less than 1 minute rather than the usual 30 minutes. With minimal changes to the usual setup, the technology significantly reduces the energy costs while increasing throughput.

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Materials/green technologies/industrial chemistry
Pierre Levesque

Contact: Chloe Archambault, Eng.
Project Manager, Business Development,