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Highly conductive inks for 3D printing


Highly conductive inks for 3D printing

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The 3D printing technology is becoming a game-changer for many companies due to the endless possibilities it offers. However, printing electrically conductive elements remains a challenge for both industrial players and individuals. Either the material are not conductive enough for specific application, or too heavy(i.e., higly loaded metallic inks) or the adding of conductive particles weakens the mechanical properties of the polymer. The high cost is also a serious impediment to the development of such technologies.

 Prof Therriault and his team managed to develop a cost effective method for the production of high performance conductive inks. The conductivity of the composite useful as a 3D printing ink can reach up to ~5 000 S/m which is much higher than the comparable products.

General information

Materials/green technologies/industrial chemistry
Daniel Therriault

Contact: Audrey Some
Project Leader, Business Development