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A new strategy for cancer treatment


A new strategy for cancer treatment



The team of Pr Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, in collaboration with Dr Jian Wu, medicinal chemist at the Jewish General Hospital, has recently discovered that the small GTPase Ran is one of the most promising epithelian ovarian cancer (EOC) candidate biomarker but also a promising target for cancer. Results have shown that Ran inhibition does not affect the growth of normal cells but only cells displaying abnormal chromosomal number (aneuploid cells), including EOC cells, are sensitive to Ran silencing. Aneuploidy may represent an ‘Achilles Heel’ of the cancer celland represent a novel strategy to eliminate cancer cells. Because genome instability is a universal characteristic of cancer cells affecting 90% of solid tumors, Ran inhibition has the potential to treat tumors despite of their heterogeneity.

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