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Semi-automatic segmentation of ultrasound images


Semi-automatic segmentation of ultrasound images



The carotid intima-media thickness is used to detect the presence of atherosclerotic diseases but can be difficult to detect manually. The algorithm developed by Prof. Cloutier and his team allows a very precise semi-automatic segmentation of carotid intima media thickness while requiring minimal actions from the user. The software can be easily coupled with a commercial echograph and is able to detect even pathological atherosclerotic arterial walls. Moreover, the algorithm has also been tested for the movement tracking of breast lesions, of the left ventricle of the heart in echocardiography, and for the segmentation of contours of the elbow tendon. The implementation of this algorithm is quite generic and is able to segment a wide variety of ultrasound images.

General information

Guy Cloutier

Contact: Lotfi Kesraoui, Eng.
Project Leader, Business Development