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Vacuum assisted pultruded thermoplastic biocomposite rods


Vacuum assisted pultruded thermoplastic biocomposite rods



The proposed technology are reinforced thermoplastic rods from biosourced materials. It is know that natural fibres have shown mechanical properties promising enough to replace conventional reinforcement materials in composites, and help tackle environmental issues. In addition, thermoplastic use in pultrusion can lead to potential gain in toughness, impact resistance, chemical resistance, postpultrusion forming possibilities, and recyclability. However, both natural fibres and thermoplastics uses in pultrusion face challenges respectively because of thermal degradation or high viscosity. Those challenges have been mastered by Pr. Louis Laberge-Lebel and team. They have successfully developed a pultrusion method to manufacture reinforced thermoplastic rods from natural fibers. Proof of concept has been done with Polylactic-Acid (PLA) yarns used as matrix, and flax yarns used as reinforcement fibres.

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Materials/green technologies/industrial chemistry
Louis Laberge Lebel

Morgan Guitton, Jr. Eng. 
Project Director, Business Development,